General Tools

Learning Management Systems (Interactive Class Websites)

Create a Facebook-like class page where you can post assignments, updates, warm ups, collect digital work, and even create digital tests and quizzes. Digital class resources can also be shared. I love Schoology, especially for digital tests and quizzes. For multiple choice, you can randomize questions and answer choices!

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Google Classroom is a lot like Schoology. It's easier for teachers and students to use, but there are limitations, especially with test and quiz creation. Best part: it can create a copy of digital handouts for each student automatically, which is great for essays and such. All student work is nicely organized in your Google Drive under a Google Classroom folder.

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Review Tools

An awesome review tool for students! They can create their own sets of flashcards, or the teacher can create one to share with everyone. There's also a great app, so students can study on the go! For $36 for the year, teachers can track student progress, create classes, remove ads for students, and even add images and sound to flashcards. Definitely worth the money!

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Ready to bring some fun into your class? Kahoot is a quiz game you project on your screen. When a question comes up, students buzz in their guess on a computer, cell phone, or tablet. The faster they get their answer in, the more points they receive if they got the question correct. Students love this! They get to compete with the whole class, and the highest scores are projected.

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Try screencasting with your students, or just try it yourself! Screencasting is the recording of what is happening on a computer screen, usually with audio recorded at the same time. Screencasting is a great way to see if students have really learned something. You can also have students create review videos they can post and share with others, or you can make your own videos for students!

Storage in the Cloud

DropBox gives you cloud storage, which allows you to easily share files and create backups. You can create a shared school folder and add any important school documents staff may need. I've used DropBox for every job I've had in Education. It's especially helpful if you use multiple computers, such as a personal and desktop computer. If you set up DropBox, you immediately have a shared folder on your computer. DropBox starts with 2GB free plans, but you can refer people to get more free storage. If you're going to sign up, please use my referral link here.

Box is basically like Dropbox (it's cloud storage), but the huge benefit it has is the ability to leave comments on documents. In collaborating with teachers at other schools, I've commented on documents they've posted & asked them specific questions about how they used it and how things went with the handout in the classroom. I can also leave feedback if I use a document in my class. For myself, I like to leave my own comments as reference for what I should change the following school year. Box gives you 10GB in the free plan. Sometimes you can find a promo for a free 50GB plan!

I primarily use Google Drive to store my Google Docs, Sheets, Slides, and so on, but you can also use that storage for pretty much anything! Google definitely makes it easy to share, and there is no better platform if you want to work on a document with someone else concurrently. Currently, Google gives you 17GB for free storage, which is pretty fantastic. Even better, if your district uses G Suite for Education, you get unlimited storage! Store away!

Other Tools

Remind lets you send free text messages to students or parents without giving them your personal phone number! Use it to remind students about upcoming tests, events, and due dates. You can even let parents know what their children should be working on at home!

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A free and paid website full of educational tutorial videos. Videos from the first unit of a course are usually free. They basically have digital courses with video lectures on tons of topics. Just some of the many topics include: Pre-Algebra, Java Programming, Psychology, US Government, Life Science, English Grammar, and AP Spanish. There are also tons of AP course resources and SAT test prep. The videos could definitely be used to supplement classroom instruction!

If you ever have extra time in your class when you have computers, consider having students do some typing practice with the website They don't even need an account to get on and start a lesson or play a typing game!

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Extra time in class? Have students answer questions to earn rice for hungry people around the world. There are questions on tons of topics, from Math & English to Foreign Languages & Chemistry. No logging in required, so even 5 minutes can be worth some rice!