ROUND 2: Getting Started with Adobe Bridge


Open Adobe Bridge & find your 5 photos on the desktop. Use the area on the left side to select the Desktop folder.


Things you can do in Adobe Bridge:

  • Maximize the image on the screen (Press Spacebar while selecting an image)
  • Give images a star rating of 1-5 stars (Press Cmd + 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5 while an image is selected)
  • Delete an image (Press the Delete key, tell it to send photos to the trash, and make sure to click the box to stop the message from popping up again)
  • Edit the metadata (more in Step 3)
  • Edit the photo in Photoshop (Double-Click while selecting an image - Photoshop will open)


Editing the Metadata. Try following these steps to add your name as the image creator:

  1. Select all of your images by dragging a box around them.
  2. Look in the bottom right area of the screen to see the metadata
  3. Find the section ITPC Core
  4. Find "Creator" underneath & click the pencil icon for that field
  5. Type your name in and hit return. Now you're officially the creator of those images!