Adding Text & Images to InDesign

STEP 1: Add a Headline

You can make up some sort of headline for this practice assignment. To create your headline:

  1. Click the Type Tool on the toolbar (the T)
  2. Click in the box you want to use for the headline
  3. Type your made-up headline
  4. Select the text
  5. Change the font of the headline
  6. Change the size of the headline

STEP 2: Fill in Text Boxes

You'll be filling in your other text boxes (captions & body copy) with random text. InDesign has a way of doing this automatically! Here's how:

  1. Click the Type Tool on the toolbar (the T)
  2. Click in the box you want to fill with placeholder text
  3. Right-click in the box and choose "Fill with Placeholder Text"

STEP 3: Create Columns for the Story

You probably have a body copy section that's large. You're going to practice making it multiple columns of text. Here's how:

  1. Select the black arrow tool (Selection Tool)
  2. Click normaly once in the text box you want to edit. This will select it.
  3. Right-click in the text box with the story
  4. Go to "Text Frame Options"
  5. Change the number of columns to the number that the text goes across.
  6. Click OK

STEP 4: Add Images

You can drag an image into InDesign from your computer (desktop or other folder) or use Adobe Bridge. Just drag them over the box you want the to fill.

STEP 5: Resize Images

Make sure you have the black arrow tool selected. Click once on the image you want to resize. Then, right-click it. Go to Fitting > Fill Frame Proportionally

STEP 6: Preview

To see what your project looks like without all the lines, go to View > Screen Mode > Presentation. To get out of that view, press the Escape key. You can also get to presentation mode by pressing Shift+W when you're not typing in a text box.

STEP 7: Save!

Make sure you save your project!