Getting Your Files off of an SD Card


Before you copy your files off of an SD card, you need to open up the destination folder you want to copy them to. You want to save your files in your network drive, so you'll be able to access them even if you move computers. To do this, click the globe icon on the right-side of your dock.


Next, you'll want to create some folders to keep things organized. Right-click in the empty space and select "New Folder." Name your new folder "Digital Media." Skip this if you already have one created.


Double-click on your Digital Media folder. Inside of it, create another folder for this project. For the Shots & Angles mini-project, you should title your folder "Shots and Angles Mini Project." Then, open that new folder you created for this project. Leave this window open.


Now, make sure your camera is turned off, and then take your SD card out of it. Then, push the SD card carefully into the slot on the back, right-side of the computer. The label should be on the top side when you push it in.


Look on your computer's desktop. You should see an icon has popped up that looks like an SD card. Double-click on it to open it up. The videos and/or pictures you've taken are contained within it.


There are several folders inside. To get to your photos, open the DCIM folder, then the 100_0822 folder.


To select all the photos in the folder, click on one and then press Cmd+A. All the files should be selected.


Click and hold down on one of the selected images and drag it over to the folder you created for this project. You should see all your files copy over. If they're large files, it may take a few minutes.


Once you've copied your files, if everyone else in your group (if you have one) has also copied the files, you're ready to delete the files from the SD card. Again, select all the files in the SD card's folder by pressing Cmd+A. Then, press Option+Cmd+Delete. Press OK, and it will delete all of the selected files, clearing up space for you.


Lastly, before you remove the SD card, you have to safely eject it. Right-click on the SD card icon on the desktop and select "Eject..." Make sure to wait until the SD card icon disappears. Then, it's safe to pull out the SD card & put it back in your camera.