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Google Documents: Google's guide to Docs

Google Forms: Google's guide to Forms

Google Spreadsheets: Google's guide to Spreadsheets

Google Presentation: Google's guide to Slides

Google Drawing: Google's guide to Drawings

Google Sites: beginner's guide, cheat sheet

Google Voice: basics guide, getting started guide

Blogger: getting started guide

Google Art Project: how to use the site video

Google Lit Trips: just check it out. Fun stuff.

Google Maps: have students create custom maps adding descriptions and media for projects. This can be done for any subject!

Google Apps - recommendations on doc embedded below.

Want More?

There are tons of amazing things being created by and for Google all the time! Take a look at the websites below to explore more of the amazing tools that are out there.

Chrome Web Lab: an amazing project connecting people in real time all over the world with a museum. Students can play instruments in the museum from their computer with others online, they can upload images for robots in the museum to draw, control cameras in various locations, and new things just keep being added!

Chrome Experiments: crazy projects and fun creations constantly being added and changed. GeoGuessr randomly puts you in a Google Street View somewhere around the world and asks you to guess where you are. PeanutGallery makes fun and quick silent films. FlashCards is a program that responds to your audio answers to the questions it posts! 100,000 Stars allows you to zoom in and out of the universe as if it were Google Earth. Cube Slam is just fun. Check it out. There are many more projects out there to explore.

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Google & Chrome Apps + Extensions